Share this calming and relaxing 7-minute video, "Waterfalls & Butterflies", with your loved one with Alzheimer's

Let me show you how I have helped thousands of caregivers relieve Alzheimer's agitation with a relaxing video

This is a message for every Alzheimer's caregiver who needs to provide relief for their loved one with Alzheimer's.
Hi, I’m Greg Irwin and I am a video producer who has helped thousands of caregivers relax and calm their LO who suffers from the agitation of Alzheimer's disease.
I'm here to tell you the TRUTH you need to know about relieving Alzheimer's agitation with relaxing video! In fact, here's one of the biggest problems you face right now:
It's allowing your loved one with Alzheimer's to watch disturbing images and sounds on television.
As you know, Alzheimer’s disease causes memory problems that make it very hard for Alzheimer’s sufferers to understand “regular” TV shows. 
They cannot follow complicated stories and dramas, and there are a lot of very disturbing scenes on TV of war and conflict, horror movies and loud, obnoxious commercials. This is a major cause of anxiety and agitation.

Plus now, every day the news is still dominated by politics and some version of the pandemic (really now, can't they give us a break?).

But that's not the end of the problem. It actually gets worse! Why?
Because many caregivers use TV as a babysitter without realizing that is exactly the wrong thing to do!

Which means disturbing TV shows and commercials are being played in your home when your LO can see them and become agitated.

Fatima S., a caregiver in Toronto, sent me an email to tell me about her caregiving problems with her mom. She said,
“My mom has Alzheimer’s and the Alzheimer’s is making her angry, upset, mad and agitated when watching TV. It doesn’t matter what it is that she is watching. In her mind she is on TV with those people and she doesn’t like them for one reason or another. She gives me a play by play of what she is watching (her versions) and I must admit it is hilarious at times… but I don’t like it when she is agitated, mad and angry.”

In a minute, I will tell you the rest of Fatima’s story and how she was able to relieve her mom’s agitation and anger.
But Luckily for You There's Now a Solution to Your Problem!!
But before we get into that, let me share a quick story with you...

There I was, a number of years ago, a recent college graduate with a degree in film studies and I was deciding what I wanted to do next. Life in society felt very unsettled, kind of like the way things feel right now. It was after the Vietnam War, after Watergate, and the country just felt agitated and uneasy. I did not want to live in the trappings of modern urban life. I did not want to move to a big city, I wanted to live in a place that was beautiful, inspiring, and uplifting. I moved to Wyoming, where I could be surrounded by mountains, wide open spaces, and Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks.

I started my career working in television production and producing nature documentaries and other programs. This has enabled me to travel and film spectacular wilderness, forests, creeks, wildlife, and other scenes of nature. It has been very satisfying to be able to share the beauty of nature through television programs and nature documentaries with many people who could never experience these relaxing scenes of nature in person.

But after a number of years, I did not feel like I was fulfilling my potential to really change lives with the skills I had to create beautiful video programs about nature.

Around this same time a friend of mine, Gale, became the live-in caregiver of his father, who has Alzheimer's disease. I thought about my own mother, and could imagine myself in that same situation. I wanted to be able to help my friend as he struggled with the difficult demands of caregiving. His dad easily became agitated, anxious, upset and aggressive. As you know, agitation is one of the most common behaviors that caregivers like you find difficult to understand and deal with.

Gale struggled with his father's agitation, confusion, wandering and anger. Every day Gale’s dad tried to leave the house and find his wife, who in reality had passed away five years before. “Where’s Helen? Where’s Helen!” he cried, every day. His father also resented the fact that he needed daily care and interfered with Gale's caregiving activities all day long. Their life was a typical example of the "Thirty-Six Hour Day".

I wasn’t able to help my friend, as he struggled with the difficult demands of caregiving. To make things worse, I felt terrible because like all caregivers, my friend knew that his father was suffering, and that feeling was very hard on Gale. I felt even worse about the situation because like a lot of caregivers, he tried letting his father watch television as a distraction, but found that "regular" TV, with its frantic news programs, scenes of conflict, highly emotional dramas, and crime shows just made his father more agitated.

 I felt sad, because I know that there is a lot of beauty in the world and caregivers can have a lot of problems letting their loved ones with Alzheimer's experience it and feel at peace.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...

I remembered the big reason I was living in Wyoming in the first place - the calming and relaxing environment of Wyoming, and all the filming of beautiful scenery of nature I had been doing over the years. I could create a calming and restful home environment with video programs of nature and soothing music!

Instantly it became crystal clear to me how to film and edit these beautiful scenes of nature, producing video programs with no story or narration and soothing, familiar music. I could produce video programs for Gale's father to enjoy, instead of letting him watch "regular" TV. I also learned that my video could be a useful technique to calm and relax persons with Alzheimer's disease that was not based on medications. Caregivers could stop using television as a babysitter, and learn how to use TV as a useful tool to provide a calming and relaxing environment for their loved one with Alzheimer's disease.

My plan was to start devoting more and more of my time filming beautiful scenes of majestic mountains, serene streams and creeks, flowers, and wildlife.

As a result, I made my first DVD (I am now also distributing those videos through streaming and downloading).

Gale started using the videos when his father seemed agitated. We found that Gale's father enjoyed the programs and they seemed to have a calming and relaxing effect, enabling Gale to have some respite to complete his caregiving and household activities like cooking and cleaning.

But I didn’t stop there.
My plan was to create a series of relaxing video programs for persons with Alzheimer's, so I created my company, Lake Solitude Media. I created a simple website to allow caregivers to share the videos with their LO with Alzheimer's. Then I started posting clips of the videos on social media.
After that, I started getting great comments on Facebook from caregivers who were using the videos.
But it also was heartbreaking to have people tell me that they wished they had been able to use the DVD before their parent passed away.
Remember Fatima’s letter? Here’s the rest of what she told me…
“I bought your videos and I am so pleased. Yesterday Mom went to bed much more calmer that usual after watching the videos. She was not agitated. She kept on saying that she likes the sceneries and the music. She did say 'I don’t see people in it but I like it.' It is what she will be watching from now on.”

That really inspired me to get the videos to more caregivers as quickly as possible.
And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results too!

So, Here's What I've Got For You Today...

Introducing... "All Things Bright And Beautiful" video

This Video Helps You:

• Have a home that relaxes and calms your parent with Alzheimer's disease…
• Replace disturbing TV shows with beautiful video of nature scenes set to relaxing music ...
• Have an activity that you can share with your loved one, over and over again...
• I am providing it to you as a DVD, plus streaming video and download. Start using the video right now, on your phone, tablet or computer, because you do not have to wait for the DVD to arrive in the mail. You can start using it in the next ten minutes...
• Caregivers like you also enjoy relaxing video. Maybe you don’t want to have the news on TV all the time, too!

Only $19.95-includes FREE shipping!

Watch these Short Sample Videos from "All Things Bright and Beautiful":

DISCLAIMER: We make NO claim that our videos cure Alzheimer’s disease; or any claim that our videos reverse dementia symptoms; or any claim that our videos reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease; we make no claim that this is a medical treatment or a scientific breakthrough. Our videos are entertainment that you can use to replace other video programs that may disturb or agitate a person who has Alzheimer's disease. For all medical or health questions, please contact your health care provider.
Plus, as a gift to you for ordering "All Things Bright and Beautiful", I will show you a great FREE TRIAL to help relieve the burden of caregiving!
You can also have a month of FREE access to more that 700 hours of beautiful and relaxing videos. You can get a month-long free trial of the entire "Nature Relaxation" streaming video series.

You will always have something new to watch, including spectacular nature scenes from around the world, to hours of beautiful flowers, tropical birds, swimming with dolphins... the variety is almost endless. You will love it!
And it is really simple to access these videos, because it is an app for your phone and tablet.
You may also watch it on your TV through Amazon Firestick, Roku, and other streaming video services. 
You can set it for continuous play so you never have to worry about it stopping.

Only $19.95-includes FREE shipping!

So if You are a Caregiver Who Wants to Relieve the Agitation of Your Parent With Alzheimer's, Understand This:
Your family member will continue to experience agitation and anger, and you can finally change that... 

The "All Things Bright & Beautiful" and "Nature's Relaxation" videos are simple tools for calming and relaxing your loved one with Alzheimer's that you can use right away with your TV,  phone, tablet and computer...

It costs less than anything else you need to buy for caregiving... What else are you buying for caregiving that is this inexpensive... or is FREE?
ACT NOW - to start helping your LO with Alzheimer's right away!!
By the way, I also sell the "All Things Bright and Beautiful" DVD on for $24.95...
...but you can get the exact same video for only $19.95 with free shipping, plus streaming and download!
Here are some comments of caregivers who have purchased the DVD on Amazon:
PS: I also have another beautiful video, to give you more variety and to add to your video library – “Relaxing Video for Caregiving". Calming, cheerful melodies without voices on this video include: "Amazing Grace", “Rock of Ages”, “The Old Rugged Cross”, “Halleluia”, “Holy Holy Holy” and many more. Be sure to look for it on the shopping cart when you place your order. 
DISCLAIMER: We make NO claim that our videos cure Alzheimer’s disease; or any claim that our videos reverse dementia symptoms; or any claim that our videos reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease; we make no claim that this is a medical treatment or a scientific breakthrough. Our videos are entertainment that you can use to replace other video programs that may disturb or agitate a person who has Alzheimer's disease. For all medical or health questions, please contact your health care provider.
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